Skilled and involved youth program
Life stage 3 project target to empower youth to engage in professions of their choice, and Improve youth to make choices for a healthy reproductive life. While creating youth as change agents in their family and community.The location of the projects are Palugaswewa, Galenbindunuwewa, Siyambalanduwa, Kataragama, Thissamaharamaya, Sooriawewa, Tangalla, Hambantota and Dambulla DS divisions.
Project Objectives

ACDA covers Dambulla DS Division in Matale District, Palugaswewa and Galenbindunawewa in Anuradhapura District, Siyambalanduwa and Kataragama DS Division in Monaragala, Hambantota, Sooriyawewa, Tissamaharama, Tangalle DS divisions in Hambantota districts in This project and will impact on 1982 enroll youths who are in 15-24 years and approximately another 1300 non-enroll youth and their 1500 parents as target beneficiaries. It has observed that the youth, both male and female in the ACDA project area, are lacking in
life skills development and positive attitudes towards their lives. It has been noticed that one of the reasons is that the youth do not have proper way of earning for living after the completion of their school education or dropped out from their school education, but spending their lives
in unproductive manner neither continuation of higher education nor engaging in any sort of employment either self or paid. The number of youth who have been engaged for higher education opportunities are being gradually decreasing. Only 80 youth are in government
universities. Moreover, most of them are following art stream degrees and few of them are studding science or Mathematics subjects. The reasons for this undesirable situation have been identified as limited access for higher education in the area, lack of facilities, and existing
poverty among parents or unfavorable attitudes among parents by not promoting their children for higher education, and so on.