The Goal of the project is to Enhanced resilience of
target community, particularly youth and children. According
to that we have carried out our project to,
– Strengthened capacity among youth groups & communities
in emergency response
– Youth lead eco-system based DRR action planning with
the communities
– Service providers related to the eco-DRR action plan, are
linked and engaged


Extreme weather is endangering lives and livelihoods with climate change being a rising threat to development and the stability of countries and economies. Every aspect of sustainable development is undermined by disasters, whether social, economic, or environmental. Disasters expose inequities and keep the poorest poor. Sri Lanka is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters due to a variety of climate and geographic considerations. In recent years Sri Lanka has experienced adverse weather conditions, especially floods, largely due to monsoonal rain, the effect of low pressure conditions in the Indian Ocean, or droughts due to failures of monsoonal rain patterns1. ChildFund’s field research has revealed that landslides, storms, tsunami, road accidents, war (particularly the Sri Lanka Civil War), dengue fever, and human/elephant injuries are also some of other hazards that impact communities in the PTK.

Mullativu has been declared by several government and non-government agencies as a disaster prone area and highly vulnerable to multiple disasters due to its physical, socioeconomic and environmental situation.2 The Mullaitvu district was heavily damaged after the Sri Lanka Civil War, as the final stages of war took place there, and recovery has been slow. Mullaitivu periodically experiences droughts, floods, strong winds, lightning, as well as coastal hazards3.These have caused significant loss to life and property on a number of occasions over the past several years4.For example, the district was severely affected by the tsunami in 2004 and has not fully recovered from the damage. Child Fund Sri Lanka will work through Abhimana Community Development Association in Mullaituive District.

project was completed following activities

  1. organizing of exposure visits about disaster risk prevail in the district and nearby districts for 40 youth volunteers
  2. psychosocial development training programs for 15 lp staff/village leaders associated with ccs facilitating groups.
  3. formation 2 village level disaster management committees in vallipunam and suthantirampuram locations
  4. conducting 2 workshops for better structuring of village level disaster management committees in vallipunam and suthantirampuram locations
  5. conducting 4 meetings for backstopping the drr committee meetings in vallipunam and suthantirampuram,mannakandal and kuravil locations
  6. provision of emergency evacuation equipment for local partners to upgrade the capacities of emergency response resource stores
  7. implementation of community projects to improve facilities of emergency evacuation centers.
  8. conducting of training programs on environment conservation link with climate change adaptation and environment friendly agriculture for 20 youth/community volunteers
  9. conducting of 4 workshop for development of community led micro projects on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and implemented community led micro projects for youth and community and implementing micro projects in proposed area

Mannakandal is one of disaster prone area for Flood disaster. Mannaklandal people used to stay at primary school during flood situation. Some circumstances they used this old damaged building also during flood. Nearly 163 families are displaced during flood situation. This building is located in Mannakandal GN division beside the main road (PTK to Oddusudan) near the Kovil temple. This building is closer to the people who are displaced during flood. According to the discussion with relevant officers from DS office, village leaders and youth following needs were identified and ordered based on priority. According to the priority Rs. 500000.00 spent to renew selected building.