Educated and Confident Children program

Life stage 2 program target to develop grade appropriate literacy, numeracy skills among grade 1 to 5 children and improve education performance of children in grade 6 to 11. While creating a safe, protective home, community and school environments. The project located in Dambulla DS division in Mathale district, Siyabalanduwa & Kataragama DS division in Monaragala district,  Palugaswewa and Galenbidunuwewa DS division in Anuradhapura, Tangalla, Tissa, Hambantota, Sooriyawewa DS division in Hambantota district.

  • Brief program overview:

School based violence prevention is a child protection and education program for ages 6- 14 years children in 25 schools in Puthukudirippu Education division in Mulativu Education Zone, of Mulativu District. The project target to create protective and safe school and community environment for children ages 6-14 years. On the other hand develop their education.  Teachers, parents and other communities inter connected with the program.

  • Goal

Children ages 6-14 years living in safe and protective home, community and school environments.

  • Outcome
  1. Education personnel apply knowledge and skills to promote conditions that ensure peaceful school environments. 
  2. Children using improved knowledge and skills to protect themselves, reduce aggressive and respond to violence.
  3. Caregivers and community members apply knowledge and skills to create safe environments for the child, and reduce parent and child behaviors, that lead to violence and insecurity in the school, home or community.