Mobile Library

Enhance reading abilities and writing skills among motivated targeted children within a supportive learning environment in the age group of 6-17 years, from grade 2 to 12 classes.

It is suggested to improve reading habitats of children, but it has became a difficult task to establish libraries for each and every school in a sustainable manner as there were no adequate funds and resource. especially the children live with poor access to schools and libraries managed by other agencies, they can not improve reading habitats. therefore it has initiated by Abhimana CDA to establish have initiated puthukkudiyruppu area in mulathivu and siyabalanduwa area in monaragala district are most disadvantages area compared to other projects locations under its purview. accordingly, it has established mobile libraries in collaboration with the zonal educational authorities, school authorities to serve the children to improve reading skills in 10 school in each area. 

Two land vehicles have been provided to 2 location, duly modified to suit to function as a library, with side book racks to shore about 1000 books in three languages, especially in extra curricular areas, that children didn’t have access in the area. it has provided books lending facilities for a period of one week. it has also provided adequate number of tables and chairs enabling children to sit and read books conveniently. it has provided a powder generator to operate a laptop, projector and multimedia, with portable screen to get internet access and provide global information such as economic, modern agriculture and possible livelihood activities, political, world, good practices, for children and village community.

A time table to serve schools has been prepared, in collaboration with school principals. Accordingly, it will work on rotation and serve each school, every 10 day, enabling children to exchange books during the school hours and will be parked in the village during the evening, where it has proper security, to serve children to perform reading camp/ leisure time activities are closely monitored by the filed staff of abhimana CDA and communicate with the CEO for any advises.from the periodical analysis/ reviews conducted by Abhimana CDA, it has observed that the mobile library initiative has been become very popular among children and they have shown encouraging enthusiasm to lend and read the books very frequently. the teachers are guiding the students in selecting books for reading.