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About Us

Abhimana CDA is a Non- Profit, Non Governmental Organization engaged in humanitarian programs through child focused development programs. The organization established in 2007 by initiating child sponsorship programs in Dambulla in Matale District, Palugaswewa and Galenbindunuwewa in Anuradhapura District, and Siyambalanduwa and Hambantota Districts.

The Abhimana Community Development Association (Guarantee) Ltd., is an organization that registered at the Divisional Secretariat of Dambulla and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Secretariat under the Registraion Number; Dambu/ DS/2009/2 of 02/09/2010, in accordance to the Act No.31 of 1980, voluntary social services organizations (Registration and Monitoring) as certified voluntary social services/nongovernmental organization, amendment to the Act No.8 of 1998. The organization registred as Abhimana Community Development (Guarantee) Limited by the Registrar-General of Companies (Covering up Duty), under the Company Limited by Guarantee act, under the Registration Number; GL 2264 dated 14/10/2013. It also has been registered at the National Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations,  under the Ministry of Policy Planning, Child, Youth and Cultural Affairs, under the Registration No; L-153016 of 12/08/2015, enabling to serve any part of the country.

Abhimana Community Development Association (ACDA) is an organization which committed for the wellbeing of children and it has a proven history and experience of working in the area for the last ten years. It serves over 2100 needy children and their families to  enhance the quality of health, education and social wellbeing in Palugaswewa and Galenbindunuwewa Divisional Secretaries in Anuradhapura district, Dambulla Divisional Secretariet in Matale District and Siyambalanduwa Divisional Secretariet in Monaragala District, and Kataragama, Tissamaharama, Hambantota, Tangalle, and Kirinda zones in Hambantota District.